Physiotherapy is the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries through a programme of movement and exercise. It can help to manage the pain associated with these types of injuries, rehabilitate the body and prevent them from occurring again.

We’ve all pulled a muscle or sprained an ankle or wrist at some point in our lives and it’s not always through sport; it can be through other casual hobbies, everyday activities or because of an incident within the workplace. These injuries can be incredibly painful and, as a result, often mean either a short term or, in more serious cases, long-term absence from work occurring.

Workplace physiotherapy gives employees an opportunity to have their injuries assessed and treated by a fully qualified physiotherapist, something that can take months after being referred by a GP or can otherwise be quite costly. For them, it means being able to get back to a pain-free normality sooner and for you, it means that they’re less likely to need to take time off sick and are more focused and productive when present.

As well as offering treatment on-site, we can also offer advice to help employees prevent further injury and advice on exercises that they can do to promote their recovery and avoid aggravating existing issues. Treatment and advice is always provided by fully-qualified, chartered physiotherapists who have experience in helping clients with a wide-range of injuries.

Keeping your staff injury free will prevent absence from hurting your business. Want to find out more about how we can help?

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