How It Works

1. Get In Touch

Contact us here or give us a ring. We’ll help you select a wellbeing programme that best suits your requirements or we’ll use our experience and expertise to build a personalised healthcare package that’s shaped around your individual needs.

2. Plan

We’ll arrange a meeting, at a time that’s convenient for you, to discuss exactly how we’re going to make your business a healthier place for your employees to be. We’ll also finalise the finer details of how we’re going to help you and when.

3. Execute

This bit’s simple, it’s where we do what we do best: helping you make your workplace a healthier place to be. We’ll be on site on our agreed days to deliver your selected programme to your employees.

4. Ongoing Support

Sometimes certain issues need ongoing treatment and rehabilitation. As well as supporting your staff within the workplace, we’ll also offer them discounted treatments within the Agile Therapy clinic if they need it.

Keep in touch

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