About Agile In Work

Agile In Work was born from it’s sister business Agile Therapy which was established in 2011 and has grown to become one of the leading private healthcare clinics in South Wales, providing a wide range of treatments for our clients all under one roof and helping them to stay fit and healthy the Agile way.

Agile in Work takes our high-quality healthcare out of the clinic and into workplaces across South Wales.

We offer a range of on-site treatments and programmes that are designed to address the most common causes of workplace absence as well as those that are more complex. Our aim is to help businesses create a culture of wellbeing and empower their employees to make better choices when it comes to their health both inside work and out.

Healthy staff are happier staff and happier staff are more productive. Investing in the wellbeing of your workforce promotes productivity, reduces sickness absence and increases employee retention, providing you with a direct return on investment and helping the health of your bottom line.

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